Meet our Dietitians



Sophie Medlin

Dr Nicola Guess

Sophie Medlin is a well recognised, leading dietitian with expertise in gastrointestinal and colorectal health. Sophie is a lecturer and researcher at King’s College London and is a “go to” spokes person for evidence based nutrition, regularly featuring in print media, social media and on the radio and television. Sophie has specialist knowledge and skills in sports nutrition as well the management of medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and all digestive disorders. Sophie had a successful career in the NHS before moving to academia and private practice in 2013 and has a passion for promoting evidence based nutrition both in her work and in the media. Nicola Guess is a lecturer (assistant professor) at King’s College London with a PhD from Imperial CollegeLondon. Her primary research interests are in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. She is a recognised world-expert in the effect of nutrition on the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes: she is a 2018 National Institute of Clinical Excellent (NICE) scholar investigating meal provision for inpatients with diabetes; a member of the NICE expert committee; a member of the Diabetes UK Clinical Study Group which sets the agenda for research for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes in the UK; a Winston Churchill Travel Scholar investigating approaches to type 2 diabetes prevention in the UK and China; a Diabetes UK Academic Health Partnership Fellow investing the role of diet in the prevention of type 2 diabetes; and a member of the NICE guidelines committee for type 2 diabetes prevention in the UK, and is the director of Kings College London courses on diet and diabetes.